Monday, May 30, 2005

Dogshit Surrender Monkeys - Suck Polish Cock

Would you trust this man to tell you how to vote?

Somewhere France lost its way. Maybe it was when the Francs kicked the shit out of the Gauls back in 400 AD. Maybe it was later, the English, the Romans, the Algerians, the Vietnamese, the Germans (three times - although the German state needed to kick their asses in the 1870s to really form the country - you have the French to thank directly for Audi and Siemens). This country hasn't won a fucking war on their own since when, 1803? The cocksuckers would rather have Moscow tell them what to do then Washington.

Anyway, I've stereotyped enough for the moment. My point really isn't about the terrible status of the French armed forces, it's about the fact that the fucking cunts think that they are somehow better than the rest of Europe and that as a founding member they should not have one word of a constitution imposed upon them that they don't explicity agree to. It's amazing, the Democrats and Republicans (who let's be honest, aren't that different) can't agree on stupid differences, but somehow the European Constitution managed to convince the neo-Nazis and the Communists in France that they have a common enemy. Apparently his name is Jozef and he's a Polish plumber. Jozef was sitting in his Lada, waiting on the German border for the French to ratify the constitution; at this point do you know what evil Jozef was going to do? He was going to repair plumbing for 1 euro, plus suck your dick for free, if you chose him over a nice French plumber.

It was even worse - apparently, even though the constitution didn't mention Turkey, the fucking crazy Euro-centrists in Brussels somehow wrote a special passage in invisible ink that stated, "By passing this this constitution, you Frenchman, agree to allow 10 Turks move into your house, screw your wife, daughter and son, steal your job, drive your car, and then kill you." Really, it's all in there, we didn't see it because we don't have the secret decoder ring that came in every third box of Lucky Charms.

It's just amazing to me that the French are unable to tell the difference between the government (whom they hate) and the european constitution - which doesn't really allow Jozef to suck you balls. France needs this - 10.8% unemployment isn't going to get better because we're going to sit in our houses and cry about how good it was back in the 50s...the 1850s, of course. It's not ultraliberal, most Democrats in the States will tell you that its fairly non-liberal. It's not going to allow Turkey into the Union. It doesn't speak about ascension at all if I remember correct, beyond the fact that a new member has to be approved by all the countries in the union, blah blah blah. I thought Americans were stupid, at least George W. Bush offers something to certain groups; business, the religious, the insane. This constitution has no business being rejected by the French. But hey, who knows, they voted to sell the Louisiana Purchase to the US, maybe there's a golden lining after all. Ugh, forget what I just said, the French are willing to work hard to do what is necesary to get themselves out of the difficult economic situation they find themselves in - as long as that work doesn't take more than 35 hours per week, it doesn't require any attention through July or August, they all get raises, and 4,000,000 new jobs are created. No problem, little elbow grease'll fix it all...

Fuck 'em. (For the record almost everyone I associate with voted "oui," because they're not idiots).


Jeff K said...

Wow, that's a harsh title there, Kris. And what's with the scary Chirac puppet? Yikes.

This is not getting a whole lot of press over here in the States, by the way; all we get is daily Michael Jackson penis updates. I think if you ask the average man on the street what he thought about the French saying "non" to the EU Constitution, the top three answers would be "Fuck the French!", "Huh?", "I love NASCAR! YEEE-HAWWWW!!!" (My answer would be a variant of that second response.) So I haven't read the constitution all the way through, but I can't understand how those factors could lead the French to vote this down. I don't know, but it doesn't surprise me, because the French can be, well dammit, so fucking French sometimes.

Rob said...

Another Viewpoint

I've ridiculed the French as much as anyone, but on this one, they got it right. Haven't we been forced to give up enough of our sovereinty already? Do we need to have a leviathin overlord government in Europe as well as the U.S.? The people of the U.S. were to stupid or lazy or both to realize that we had a de facto North American Constitution cramed into our pie holes, it was called NAFTA, and it has been a disaster for us. Jobs are disappearing, the trade deficit is in the hundreds of billions per year, the national debt is so large it can never hope to be paid. In return for things like the (horridly corrupt) government of Mexico being able to fine the U.S. for alleged "environmental infractions". The last thing anyone on Earth needs is more government.

Jeff K said...

My point (if I had one) is that it just sounds like the French voted down the Constitution for reasons that had nothing to do with the actual wording of the thing, just because of a perceived loss of national identity. I can't argue for the Constitution one way or another.

Kris said...

The problem is the French didn't reject this treaty for anything but their own vanity. Rob makes so valid points, and if one person on the "non" said had actually discussed in a logical manner why you should vote no, it would have been different. The entire argument from the no camp, as far as I can tell was: Say no to Turkey, say no to Chirac, say no to free economy. The proposed constitution does very little to actually change anything - it basically regroups the previous treaties under an existing document. Like my future mother-in-law said: "I was against Maastrict, because I was against the EU. Now it's done, there's no reason not to vote yes to this thing."
My point is basically 55% of the country voted against the treaty because they don't like the current government, or they are afraid of the aforementioned Polish plumber. 61% of people don't like Chirac, 55% of people vote against the constitution - I don't see these numbers being coincidental, it was a referendum on the government.