Friday, January 9, 2009


It's January, so who better to paste up here than January Jones, who plays Betty Draper on the critically acclaimed/incredibly depressing TV series Mad Men. I take her to be a mature, sensible, intelligent woman, so I'm sure she doesn't HATE pants, she's just open to the possibility of not ever wearing them.

Oh wait, she dated Ashton Kutcher. FOR FOUR YEARS. Never mind, she's a total dingbat. But alas, she looks damn good when she shakes off those pants.

Photo courtesy of Vanity Fair

Wait, these pictures are the Vanity Fair outtakes? Oh that's right, their editors are most likely gay. I'm guessing the pictures that made the cut are ones of her wearing a giant poncho, baggy jeans and a ski mask.

When was January born? In May, of course. No, just kidding, she turned 31 on Monday. HAPPY JANUARY BIRTHDAY, JANUARY!

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