Friday, June 26, 2009


I'm not going to say much: I didn't really care about Michael Jackson in life and don't really care in death.
He did help make a good Simpsons episode though:

Homer: This isn't fair! How can you tell who's sane and who's insane?
Doctor: Well, we have a very simple method. [stamps his hand, `INSANE'] Whoever has that stamp on his hand is insane.

Who know how long this video will last on teh youtubes before Murdoch's hordes come along and tear it down...


Jeff K said...

Nice clip. But you know what's weird? He didn't sing that, as "The Simpsons" writers admit on the DVD commentary. He had a soundalike come in to do the song, while he only did the voice acting (credited as "John Jay Smith"). Basically, he was a freak from day one.

The best (worst) part of CNN's "coverage" of this was their interview of some assclown from, who was disingenuously calling him an incredible genius, when you know 5 minutes before he heard he was dead he was calling him a boy-touching weirdo. If it wasn't for the "gossip industry" hounding him incessantly for the last couple of decades, he might have lived a little longer. Well done, shitdicks!

Regardless, whether you liked him or not, the guy could sing; his first two album are nearly perfect pop records. In fact, just a few days ago I semi-illegally DLed them for the hell of it (from; I think the lack of royalties may have contributed to his death.

Kris said...

I think my problem is I wasn't "into" pop music in the early 80s (too young + a lack of MTV) and my parents weren't that into 80s pop either.

My dad was rocking Dire Straits and Dylan and Neil Young. I only "became aware" of Jackson after he was bat-shit-crazy and didn't really get on that Crazy Train.

He's been so crazy for so long now that I don't have the energy to care. Even when people gasp at that scene of him hanging is infant son over the railing...I "meh" over it.

And honestly, this comes as little surprise. Beyond all the plastic surgery etc, I saw a clip of him on TV a couple months ago and he look ghastly sickly (can I do two adjectives in a row?)