Friday, July 18, 2008


I was thinking the other day, Open Hockey doesn't have enough rap on it, especially bad white rap. So in my desire to remedy this, I present to you TSA Gangstaz.

Ok, it's actually really bad, but hey, that's the name of the game. It's "random" youtubery.

For the record, this is better than Coldplay's new album.

NSFW, unless your boss digs f-bombs, dildos, and jiggly women in short shorts.

"Let me squeeze those titties or the terrorists have already won."

Classic line!

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Jeff K said...

That was good for a laugh (and with all the crap going on at work I really needed one). As for my favorite line, I'll go with "I'll even confiscate your pussy if I make it too wet."

I agree, the new Coldplay album is FUCKING HORRENDOUS. I give it 9 thumbs down (my lowest rating). The whole thing reeks of pretention, even the album name/cover. So it's a French painting with a Spanish phrase from an English band? Ugh. Chris Martin officially believes his own bullshit.