Saturday, April 21, 2007


As Marty goes, so go the Devils. Well, they look like contenders again after a solid outing by Brodeur last night. He stopped all 31 shots in a 3-0 shutout win in Game 5. It's about time! This was his 22nd SO in the playoffs (one behind Roy).

However, after Gomez scored into an empty net to seal it with 1:47 left, TB coach John Tortorella decided to send out his goons to pick two separate fights with Mike Rupp and notorious enforcer . . . Jamie Langenbrunner? WTF? The whole time he was jawing and gesticulating wildly at assistant coach Johnny McLean, and as of today he hasn't given any reasonable explanation for this. But it gets better: here's a brief postgame interview.

What a jerk, dropping an F-bomb on NY Post reporter Larry Brooks. And no, I'm not defending the reporter, as anyone who is employed by the Post has a dark secret that prevents them from getting a legitimate job in journalism. But I had respected this team until last night and the thuggery of their asshat of a coach. I hope the Lightning get drubbed tomorrow afternoon.

The Sabres finished off the Isles in 5, winning 4-3 in the HSBC last night. I give the less-talented Isles credit for never quitting, and playing well against a largely lethargic Buffalo squad, making a final sprawling save by Miller with 0:12 left frighteningly necessary. The Sabres remind me of the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez: immensely talented but occasionally lacking focus. Maybe they have a second gear for the second round--let's see.

The Predators became the prey, as the Sharks chewed up and spit them out to advance in 5. Ugh, don't you hate when sportswriters use stupid puns like that? So do I.

The Flames are well on their way towards losing today in Detroit, to go down 3 games to 2. The Red Wings should close this thing out in 6, as should Vancouver down in Big D tonight.

TRIVIA QUESTION (stolen from FSN last night): How many of the current 30 teams in the NHL have never won the Stanley Cup?
a. 7
b. 14
c. 18
d. 21


Jeff K said...

The answer was b. 14.

Kris said...

Whoa...your "Marty shutout" was pretty f-ing close...This blog is getting scary good in terms of blognostications (sp?)