Saturday, April 4, 2009


I was just seventeen, when I made the AHL
I couldn't skate in junior, but my fists rang like a bell.
I'll never win a title, and I'll never win the cup,
But when it comes to ladies, I've had the best of luck.
I've been enjoying my HD for the last 2 weeks now. I have three of the main French TV stations in HD, but I'm 90% sure that they do not have one program in HD - it's just upscaled (why's that not surprising - the French have to be dead last for Western countries in digital advancement) - and for some fucked up reason the American sitcoms that they show do not have the English-language track available in HD (but in SD it's available)...that makes a shitload of sense.

Anyway, in my 2 month teaser programming I have a couple of HD channels: National Geographic HD, MTV HD, a cool channel called Ushuaia HD (lot's of awesome nature programs in HD - you haven't seen monkeys fucking until you've seen it in native-HD), and a channel called I-Concerts HD. For a week or so I didn't give it much of a look because every time I turned it on they had the same Bon Jovi concert from 1993. But then the other night they were showing Dire Straits On The Night. While I doubt this was filmed in HD (did such a thing exist in the early 90s?), it was still cool to see an entire concert. Then they had John Fogerty - who has officially joined the Roger-Waters-Roger-Daltery-can't-sing-after-60-club. Then this morning they had Elvis Costello and I just kind of left it running and a band called Great Big Sea came on. I'd heard of them somehow-or-other, but never really paid attention to them. They're alright - kind of traditional Irish/English music mixed with normal rock...I was giving it half a listen when the above lyrics came on.

Since I haven't posted in a while, I figure, why not post a hockey-related HD story (without the actual "HD hockey" of course).

It's not all dandy though. Aside from the aforementioned Jersefication of the airwaves, they are now showing Jamiroquai - whom I have never liked.

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