Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yes, the Caps are now a better team that The Donald is sitting for 6 games. I actually had a couple of things that I wanted to say that I forgot to say the other day.

- You can never have enough puck bunnies on a blog. Congrats to the Hawks on making her (--->) the happiest person on this blog today.

- Brashear doesn't not deserve to be suspended, but he does not deserve (still with me) to be suspended 5 games for that Blair Betts hit. I'm as neutral as you're going to find on this. I like OVIE, but I do support the Rangers generally against any West Coast team, and most of the East. It was late, it was dirty and like Jeff said yesterday

One of the commenters makes a great point: Brashear was actually going after Voros, who had just cleanly checked him, but as he turned and skated towards him, Voros went to the bench. So to get the "BRASHEAR SMASH!" voice out of his head, he had to hit SOMEONE, and that lucky someone was Betts.
In summary, Brashear = No discernible hockey talent. But that hit does not equal 5 games, when Stampy Pronger has done much worse and gets one game max. In some cases (Cammalleri & Carcillo) the "reputation" of a player can/should have some incidence on the final penalty, but Stampy stamps and Brashear Smashes and while the crimes are similar (IMHO) the penalties are not.
I do not feel that a players injury (or lack there of) is grounds for determining the penalty. The intention is more important. Pronger, when he stamped on Kesler's leg, was looking to hurt someone in a way that is significantly worse than The Donald trying to just get the "HIT SOMETHING" voice out of his head. Let's be honest, he didn't even get his elbow into it - it was all shoulder (still illegal, of course, for it's lateness).

The league is making supplemental discipline a joke. You never know from one day to another what's going to happen. There's no consistency and they've made it quite clear that they will not suspend a key player for longer than a game no matter the offense. Like I said, Donnie deserves to be suspended and I'm not going to lose any sleep over the 5 games for him, but I think it's just one more incident that the league basically says "fuck if we know what we're doing." I think the great Wysskshisksisksisksi mentioned this a couple of days/weeks back, but they may as well have Maggie the Puck Monkey spin a wheel on suspensions in the playoffs - it'd at least be as consistent as Colin "don't call me a Colon" Campbell.

- The Sabres needed a change in coaching. I'm the first one to say that I like Lindy. I think he's a great coach. I think he's an intelligent guy and all that shit and yes I like his presence behind the bench, but let's face it - in 11 years he's got nothing to show for it. They lost to the league's incompetence in 1999, they lost in 2006 because of, among other things, 5 starting defensemen going down in the Conference finals and it's been freefall since then.

Lindy does not seem to be able to say to these guys "yeah, Danny and Chrissy were good leaders, but you fucking cunts need to pick up your game and prove that you don't all have manginas." He needs to find a way to convince these guys that it's their team to run now. It's like your neighbor who's husband cheated on her 10 years ago and she's still complaining about how it ruined her life. Nope, you're ruining your life by focusing on it. The only way to save the patient is to cut out part of the disease. It should have been "goodbye Lindy." I'll be happy to eat my words in May 2010, but I don't think I'll have to.

- In the same vein - how is Darcy Reiger still in charge up there? I don't focus on the GM as much as the coach, but this is the guy that let Briere, Drury and Campbell slip away in recent years still there. I don't think that Briere and Campbell are that big of a deal, but as I said back then, Drury was the guy they needed to keep. Yes, they've stepped up lately, signing Miller long term, matching the Oil's offer sheet on Vanek (which they had absolutely no choice, but to do - Reiger would've been tarred, feathered and burnt at the stake had he let that slip away). But they also seem to be terrified now of letting the next Drury get away; signing Hecht through 2012 (at 3-point-what million?) and now locking down Crystal Tim through 2011. I don't know. I think the Sabres needed to get some spring cleaning done and have total regime change.

Anyway: we're stuck with Lindy and Darcy (what the [Gretzky] is it with "y" names up there?) for at least another year. Like I said, I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

- Last point. Lindy's probably going to lead Canada to a Silver or Gold at the IIHF Championships. This is further proof that they need a change up in Buffalo. He's too good of a coach to be doing such a shitty job. Get it? He needs a fresh start and so do the Sabres. His coaching style doesn't work anymore for the Sabres.

- [Update] Last, last point: The dickheads in the head office want nothing more than to see Syd v OVIE for the Eastern Conference final, of course - it's probably their two most marketable assets right now, but they are not fixing the games or telling the refs to not call/over call anything. The Rangers got beat by the Caps in the last two games (badly). No decision that the refs made had a discernible difference on the fact that they got bitch-slapped by WAS. I didn't watch Game 6 of Philty v Crysburgh but all accounts say the Pens got fired up by Carillo's idiocy and had an epic comeback.
Conspiracy theories are something to hide behind when your team sucks.

Just to make you day that much happier here's so of Dall-asses' icegirls. I tried to search google images for "hot sabres fans" and found this picture (I wish I were kidding) so you get Texas chicks instead.


Jeff K said...

I disagree: Brashear definitely deserved what he got, and I love that they made an example of him. While I'll agree that the NHL is generally clueless, you can't compare separate incidents (including those from years ago) and their resulting suspensions/penalities, and assume "The league thinks BRASHEAR SMASH! is worse than PRONGER STAMP!" You just can't do it, because it's not that cut and dried. I personally think that intending to injure whomever was within your field of vision just for the hell of it, is worse than just random heat-of-the-moment skate blade-related retaliation. Okay, they're both complete shit moves that I don't want to see that in the postseason, preseason or season-season.

Hey, Lindy Ruff got his Jack-Off Adams Trophy to polish at home, don't say he's never done nothing! Yeah, I would agree that they need to shake things up, but the Buffalo News readers have spoken and 84% want to keep him. I think Renney and Carbonneau are available . . . which is probably why Ruff is still employed. Who do you put in his place?

What, no discussion of two NY area teams in Game 7's tonight? The first time it's ever happened on the same night (I did no research, but it's on the internet now, so it must be true)! I say they will both be playing golf by Friday.

Jeff K said...

Oh, and I much prefer the Chicago Ice Crew to the Dallass Ice Strippers.

And seriously FUCK THE NHL for scheduling two Game 7's on the same night in the New York area. (This time it's not Dolan's fault.)

Kris said...

So post pictures of the Columbus Ice Crew (what kind of name is that? It doesn't conger up images of cleavage or states of undress). It makes me think of soccer...Soccer!! Saved from being the "Most Boring Sport on Earth" by Cricket.

Anyway, if Pronger (or even Avery, probably) did the same thing, they would have gotten 1 game. My point is that the league hasn't the fucking slimmest idea what they're doing.

It's still not worth 5 games for Brashear or Simon or anyone.

And getting to the point of your argument - of course the league thinks that BRASHEAR SMASH is worse the PRONGER STAMP even with 2 years between them. And how is BRASHEAR SMASH not a heat of the moment thing...within seconds of being hit by Voros he went ape poopy on the next person he saw...How's that different than Stampy? "PRONGER MAD NOW, STAMP THINGS!"

Meh, I'm getting all into an argument that I don't really care about. Fuck Brashear, the league would be better without his ilk and I don't care that he sits for 6 games. I just am sick of the league not having the slightest idea about what they're doing for supplemental discipline.

Jeff K said...

I guess what I meant was that SMASHear! wasn't immediately retaliating against the guy who checked/interfered with him, he was just randomly assaulting the next skater-by. Then halfway through my argument I realized I hate Brashear, Stampy, Gavery, et. al, and just wish all goons could be replaced with ACTUAL SKILLED HOCKEY PLAYERS. Imagine what a Utopia that hockey league would be . . .

Soccer should have dancing strippers--uhm, I mean, cheerleaders on the sidelines, and they should be made to trot out to deliver yellow/red cards . . . meh, I still wouldn't watch.