Friday, April 24, 2009


I'm assuming that Ms. Timide la puck lapin is going to be traumatized...It's your job to make her feel better.

- I'd rather be a Sabres fan than a Sharks or Montfaux fan right now... The Sabs sucked pretty much all year and didn't disappoint. Seriously, I'm not kidding. They say it's better to have loved and lost...I say it's better to stay in a dark room and drink cheap Scotch and troll for free internet pr0n than it is to have "loved" so-to-speak.

- I almost feel bad for Jesus Price, but then I really think about it and I don't. HAHA HABNOTS! The schadenfreude runs deep in this case. Except for her <--. I feel her pain.

- Have the retarded talking heads always discussed about how the superstars are "taking a lot of [verbal] abuse" or is that new? I seem to remember the same story ie: Ignila last year..Now they're talking about Crysby...Come on, they're pros...they're big targets...that's the bloody job of the agitators. You think that people didn't talk to Wayner or to Rocket Ricard? I'm sure they did even if Ricard could beat the living shit out of you and McSorely was always there to clean up Gretzky's problems, they still talked [The Great One (via PD]. Come on...

- Any minute now Torts is going to jump the boards and beat the living shit out of Avery when he takes an idiotic penalty. It's gonna be off the hook.

- Canadian broadcasters are better than their American-employed counterparts (they're pretty much all Canadians, aren't they?), but CBC and TSN still suck almost as bad as NBC (I don't know that I've ever seen a VS. broadcast). Plus there's so much exchange...Milbury, Panger, cueball McGuire...ugh. Can't they find like 3 analysts that don't suck?

Anyway. Contrary to Kammann, I hope that Philthy wins. I fucking hate the Pens with a passion. I don't know why - self-righteousness (on their fans part, mine is justified) plays a part. At the very least, at least there weren't empty seats in the Igloo (or in Philly for that matter). Sorry Devils fans, but that just sucks balls. And they weren't the worst...I watched some of the 2nd WINGS/BJs (has to be the best contraction of a team-name ever) game and literally 1/2 the lower seats were empty...Of course, the NHL had this as a sell-out crowd. Fuck you Gary. Fuck you.

Further contrary to Kammann - I loved every minute of fantasy hockey (well, except losing to Jeff's KOD squad in the end)...It kept me abreast (that's what she said!) of the happenings of the NHL and made me pay attention to players who I would otherwise completely ignore. Explain to me why I like Corey Perry? He's a little [Gretzky] but he pulled his weight this year for the No Homers and for that I am happy.

Congrats to Jeff. May his Single Malt bring only misfortune and hangovers.

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Jeff K said...

I wouldn't mind feeling her pain either.

It's funny you should mention "playoff non-sellouts" in this blog post, as Puck Daddy stole your idea and posted about it a mere 1/2 hour later. Wyksynksynkshynskyhnkski, you stink!

NHL attendance figures are self-reported so it's all smoke and mirrors anyway. But at The Rock most of the empty seats are the $250 (are you kidding?!) lower level black seats, most of which are already paid for by corporate entities. The cheapies where the real fans hang out are nearly always sold out--but those aren't the ones that you see on camera during the entire game, unfortunately.

I'm probably the first to say this, but I actually like the job VERSUS does with hockey, esp. the "Hockey Central" intermission show (though their HD picture quality is lacking). Except for Panger, all of the NHL on NBC commentators are Americans (even Jersey's own Pierre McGuire, though I'm not sure what exit).

Did I say I didn't enjoy fantasy hockey? As the French say, au to the contrary! I just happened to focus on the negative (as always), but I thoroughly whipping your ass. (Actually, NO HOMERS were a thorn in my side all year, so I was glad we met in the finals and gladder that I won in a close race. The taste of victory is sweet and malty, with a peaty aftertaste.)