Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Cablevision is finally starting to do something right. They just added 15 HD channels to their cable lineup. These channels are actually from the Dolans' failed satellite venture, VOOM. Get ready and strap yourselves in, here's the full list:

HDNews- The only HD source for 24/7 news, sports and weather, HDNews offers news headlines, sports highlights, in-depth features and national weather reports supported by five news bureaus across the nation.
Equator HD - The first high-definition channel dedicated to exploring the world's most intriguing people and amazing places with intelligent programs about global adventure and green living.
Gallery HD - Stunning imagery and stories from the front line of the art world. Gallery HD is the first and only HD channel that defines the most talked-about artists of today and tomorrow.
Rush HD - Life on the edge with adrenaline junkies of adventure sports.
Rave HD - Live music as a whole new experience in crystal clear HD and 5.1 surround sound.
Ultra HD - The hottest fashion, the coolest styles and insight into the 'luxe' life from around the world. Ultra HD delivers coverage of the fashion industry's hottest events, shopping, cuisine and interior design.
Animania HD - Eye-popping HD animation from the groundbreaking to the classic.
Monsters HD - The masters of movie horror in terrifying HD clarity.
Gameplay HD - Enter the virtual worlds of video gaming for the first time in HD.
Treasure HD - A channel dedicated to pursuing stories about people and their passions. Original, innovative, entertaining, it's a high-definition look at what people treasure in life, from antiques to adventures.
Worldsport HD - Live sports coverage from premier arenas around the globe.
Family Room HD - Movies, series and specials suitable for the whole family.
Film Fest HD - A non-stop film festival for movie fans, remastered in HD.
Kung Fu HD - All martial arts action, all the time. From Bruce Lee to Jet Li, all in HD.
World Cinema HD - Award-winning and top-performing movies without borders, featuring award-wining movies and stars from around the globe.

Some of this stuff is cool and has been available for years (and the Dolans are just getting around to making it available for CV subs, probably because DirecTV is kicking their asses). Between watching the Mets and Yanks lose in HD last night, I've already seen a little of GALLERY, MONSTERS, WORLD CINEMA, RAVE and RUSH, and briefly checked out HDNews. But watching other people play videogames? 24 hours of kung fu movies? Really? Most of this just sounds like stuff you would watch while firing up the bong.

They also say that "500 HD channels" are on the way. At this rate they roll them out, that will be in 2021. But at least this is a step in the right direction.

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