Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I'm looking at this blog, and man do I hate it. It just all seems so pointless. I really have nothing interesting to say, including this post right here.

Today, I thought about putting up another post about hockey (Brodeur getting another Vezina, ho hum), or golf (Tiger having a baby girl and naming it after Sam Snead?), or the Mets (I'm going to the game tonight, and god have they truly sucked lately), or how the College World Series is 2 months long and impossible to follow, or that health care "documentary" about health care and how evil pharmaceutical companies are (ugh). I thought about looking for another Looney Tunes cartoon, or some music or sports video (which, because it's on YouTube, looks like complete and utter crap, the sound is poorly synched, and 572 stupid kids have commented unintelligibly about it for no apparent reason). Maybe I'll write a drinky drinky column about something I'd like to be drinking right now, but I can't because I'm at work (which is the ultimate torture).

But I've got nothing. I'm not just in a rut. I think I'm officially spent.

This is it. I need to make a move, I'm not happy with my job, my apartment, my high blood pressure which was brought on suddenly by god knows what. Most of all, I'm not happy with this fucking lame blog. It doesn't serve a purpose anymore, and no one reads it but me (and maybe Rob). Maybe I'll feel motivated to post something down the line, but right now my time would be better spent focusing on getting myself out of this.

So if you actually DO read this, oh well. I guess you can go find some other free entertainment/complaining out in the InterWebs. Cheers.

P.S. Bettman sucks.


Kris said...

I read it every few days, or weeks or something...basically whenever I think about it...I come for the Bettman sucks and stay for the Loony Toons...ok, I don't stay...I'm sure that Statcounter will tell you that my average visit is long enough to read the bitching, then leave.

Jeff K said...

Statcounter says you found my blog during a keyword search for naked pictures of Sarko . . . whaaaaa?

Seriously, I can't think of any inconsequential things to say right now. This blog is even worse than Slate at this point, which is beyond embarrassing.

I won't write another blog post until you put something up on Arbitrary N' Biased, and not just pictures of the A/C unit you just installed or some shit. How's that?