Monday, June 4, 2007


Apparently Pronger can't help his elbow-to-the-head behavior because according to him he doesn't "think [he] can make wholesale changes and still be the type of player [he] can be." So basically the NHL can take Pronger as the ugly dirty sob that he is, or they can't, but suspending him one game won't do a bit of difference.

I think that the 1 game suspension is total BS. I am not a Sens fan...everyone knows that I would be happy to see them lose again...even in 5 games. I have no really opinion on the Ducks either, but Pronger's second objectively very dirty play in these playoffs, where there is no possible way that there was no intent to injure, deserves more than just a game. I think Pronger should be done for the season. Of course, the NHL Disciplinary Committee is in Toronto, Pronger is Canadian...what more explanation do you need.

The NHL is [once again] showing how absolutely terrible the management of this league is. If we are to believe Brian Burke (and that's a big if), the league, Colon Campbell to be exact told him that because Chris Neil didn't injure Sean O'Donnell with a full-speed, blind-side hit into the boards, there was no reason for the league to look into it. I know that Burke's got a bone to pick, but seeing how this league has operated for the last 6 or 7 years at least...well since Bettman got in there, it wouldn't surprise me that this is their blood, no foul. Allowing goons, even slightly talented goons like Neil, to run rampant at any time, no less in the Stanley Cup Finals is complete and utter bullshit. Chris Neil just became a daddy, why not give him a couple days off to be with his family.

I love the game of hockey, but I hate the NHL for every single mismanaged decision that they always seem to make.

Don't get me wrong, this has nothing to do with the Sabres underperformance. The league had nothing to do with their poor play or their ass-kicking by the Sens. There are always things to complain about, waved off goals, non-calls, etc...but nothing the league did changed the result for the Sabres. This is truly about the state of the league and the idiocy of Campbell, Bettman and the rest of the cadre of Marketeers up there in Toronto.

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