Saturday, April 23, 2005

Army clears top brass in Abu Ghraib scandal

Top Brass Innocent

Thank God the government has concluded everyone above a private first class is completely innocent in this case. I, for one, applaud the openness and transparence that went into this investigation. It is about time that we stop blaming the high-ranking officers for these things that the ranks do. It is quite obvious to me that in the US army it was only a couple of bad eggs (mmm, bad egg) that took it upon themselves to methodically, and repeatedly, sexually and physically humiliate the scum of the earth that was at Abu Ghraib.

What I am trying to say, obviously, is that while the upper brass may not have ordered these actions (although they may have...) I think that in the Army they have a certain of responsibility. If we are going to start imprisoning CEOs for accounting irregularities, why shouldn't we also hold the CEO and middle management of the Army responsable for these fuck ups. The Army is where you have to ask your CO to shit - but somehow they came up with this themselves. hmm...

We didn't talk about Abu Ghraib that much at the time - I do not know what went on inside. I have mixed feelings about this. I really got pissed off at most of the international critics for grasping at this to prove how evil Americans are. Hell the first to jump on the anti-Abu Ghraib bandwagon were the fucks that urge good Muslims to commit suicide attacks on Israelis, Americans, and basically everyone that is not a 'Good' Muslim.

I think the US has the responsibility in the world to set an example - especially now that we are the country that is going to help 'Free' all the peoples of the world. (Who cares that we do billions and billions of dollars of trade with China.) If we want to set an example - torture; or at a minimum, non-Geneva Accords treatment of our enemies is not exactly the way to tell the world that we're here to help them.

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