Friday, April 22, 2005

Welcome to Open Hockey

From the producer of the infamous Eye-Opener blog, it's the Open Hockey blog: a brand spankin' new, wide open, freshly Zambonied rink of comedy. It's a place for everyone to pass around ideas, send a few jokes through the five-hole, and fire off a few rant slapshots. Okay, enough hockey analogies, you get the point. Oh, and your posts need not have anything to do with hockey.

Basically, I get a lot of funny e-mails from you guys, and I thought this would be a good place to store stuff like that, as well as any little comedy pieces or angst-ridden short stories you may have thought up. Or if you find a humorous, disgusting, or interesting web link or news item you want to share, put it here. And if we get something going on here that's top shelf comedy, I'll tart it up and put it on the Eye-Opener, replete with snazzy pictures and such.

So get out there, keep your sticks down, and no checking. Okay, that's the last hockey analogy I'm going to use. Really.


karl said...

This is good. I need this. I think we should all watch Miracle until an actual miracle happens, and we can all skate well and have 100 mile per hour slapshots. With a German pope, it just might happen.

Jeff K said...

Wagner with the Howitzer!

To hell with the slapshot, I would just like to be able to skate.