Friday, April 22, 2005


There's nothing more exciting than realizing that it's going to be a rainy weekend and the only thing on ESPN is . . . THE 2005 NFL DRAFT! I can't think of anything better! Oh wait, I just thought of 74 things. Never mind. On my way back from lunch just now, I heard someone on sports radio inexplicably talking about the Indianapolis Colts getting a steal in the 3rd round with the 92nd overall pick. I will now vigorously scour my eyes with coarse sandpaper.

BTW, ESPN really needs another channel, because it's getting like MTV, which is an inaccurately named channel since there's no music on it anymore. The original ESPN should show major sporting events and Barry Bonds highlights all day long as they do now, and ESPN2 should show nothing but sporting events (some tape delay stuff is fine). The new ESPN3 can be reserved for all the "non-sports" the other two currently show: poker, fishing, auto racing, and the like. Also, they can have all of the "talk shows", "game shows", "original movies" and "behind the scenes" crap that clogs up the other 2 networks. This way, I'll never accidentally tune in.

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