Wednesday, April 27, 2005

smart Tipping

I'm blogging a blog of a blog, but this is too funny not to post: The new trend in safe and sound Canada is smart-tipping, the poor cows won't be getting much attention anymore

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Jeff K said...

I think we should start doing this with Mini Coopers over here in the States. I think I'll start with Rudy from IT's, it should be in the parking lot right now . . .

With gas prices hitting record highs in the States (of course, it's still cheaper than the rest of the world), I wouldn't be surprised if these start popping up in the most concentrated urban areas around here. And once Tom Hanks is seen being driven around in one in the movie version of "The Da Vinci Code", they'll take off. Of course, if eveyone belives what they read, they'll buy them because Dan Brown wrote that they get 100 km per liter (or 1L/100km), which is about 283 MPG.