Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Are you Ready.gov?

The US government (via Ready.gov) has provided its citizens with the handy "Be Informed: Nuclear Blast" guide. The best part of this is the "Visual Guide" which allows you to visualize the brilliance of the plan.

I like the first design the best - "If you are within one block of a nuclear blast, you should 'Consider' getting out of the area..."

Yep, always a good idea, if you haven't been vaporized, try to leave before you skin starts to melt.

2. Consider if you can get out of the area;

The second one is nearly as good. Little did I know that being farther away from the blast would be better for me. This is good because I will just make sure that the terrorists tell me where they are going to explode the dirty bomb, and then I'll make sure I am at least two blocks away.

4. Distance: The farther away from the blast and the fallout the lower your exposure.

The scary thing about this is not that terrorists will explode a nuclear device; this is bound to happen sooner or later. The scary thing is the amount of man-hours went into creating this amazingly informative guide. I would say the over/under has to be around 500,000 man-hours - and I'll take the over.

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Jeff K said...

About a year ago I read a funny article on Something Awful that parodies these ready.gov pictures, but damned if I can find it now. I don't understand the first picture--why go a half a block down and make a left? Shouldn't you run in the opposite direction of the blast?!? I would be flying straight up Broadway until I hit Canada, according to that map.