Monday, May 2, 2005

UPDATE: Old Money, New Morons

I said at the time that this story was "unreal". Well, I was right: these greedy morons made up the story about where they found the antique money, and now they're in a lot of trouble. They didn't "dig it up" as they claimed on various TV shows and to news outlets; they found it in an old farmhouse they were doing a roofing job on, and the owners didn't even know the money existed. They got caught because they couldn't get the story straight, from the date they claimed to have found it, to the neighbors who said they never saw them digging in the yard. So if they hadn't gone to the media first and just cashed in the money, they'd be sitting pretty. Instead, they got caught because one of the four idiots implicated wanted to get on TV to "promote his rock band".

Holy crap, that's so stupid, I'm speechless.