Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sat my Ride

Sat my Ride
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Companies are being to be able to offer satellite TV in cars now - the option costs between $2K and 3500 for the moment, but it should come down. This article summarizes the situation pretty well.

The best quote it at the very end...
"You're not a slave where you're sitting around waiting to go somewhere so you can finish watching the game,"

Now, don't let me go off on a rant here...but.

You are a fucking slave, you dumb prick; don't you realize that the fact that you have to have TV in your vehicle because your brain is so fried that you're not able to create imagery yourself by listening to the radio just proves that you sucking the man's c0ck every day.

In theory, I don't have a problem with TV in vehicles. Internet would be good. However, I sincerely doubt I will ever get such a thing. Christ, everyone knows that today's children can't not have TV to live - it's what milk was to children 20 years ago. But to say you not "a slave" because now you can get your fix of TV in the car...It used that when you had to wait you read the "newspaper" or a "magazine" or maybe even a "book," now you've got to watch The Apprentice while waiting for your kids to finish swimming practice...Ugh.

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Jeff K said...

I see it as just another ingenious way for marketing and advertisers to intrude into your life, burrowing their heads under your skin like disease-carrying ticks. Satellite radio started off as "commercial-free music!" to suck you in, but you knew that won't last long, once every corporation began shelling out dough so they can beam advertisements into your car. Like Rob said, it's Newton's Second Law of Thermodynamics: everything eventually turns to shit.