Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Thursday Timekillers: Games!

Guess-a-Google is an interesting (if repetitive) guessing game that uses the Google image search function. I got 317 last night playing this, but only because some of them were repeats. The Montage-a-Google thing is also fun to play with. I used it to make my own Guinness and Simpsons wallpapers!

Briggster's Games features the best Flash version of the game Burgertime that I have ever played! Well, it's the only one I've ever played, so that doesn't make that sentence any less accurate. Otherwise, these games are all pretty primitive renditions. I like that the Video Poker lets you "borrow" money (you can go in the negative; don't try this at Caesar's Palace).'s Vertigolf 2 takes a little getting used to, but it's interesting. Unlike most games that only use the mouse, this one requires holding down the space bar to hit the ball.

I had to include the HomeRun game here, the one Kris forwarded to us where you have to get the drunk guy home. It's frustratingly fun!

Feel free to put links on here for any other good games you might find.
In other blognews, does the left margin sidebar look squashed to anyone else? It looks fine on my Firefox browser at home, but at work on IE it looks crushed. Just wondering, it doesn't really bother me otherwise.

I deleted the articles I posted earlier because I didn't want all that text cluttering up the blog; if you want to read them, click on the link, otherwise, who cares? Not me. In fact, I was already sick and tired of those stories as soon as I posted them. Yeah, I bore myself. *yawn*

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