Sunday, May 15, 2005

Simpsons Avalanche! (FINAL UPDATE FOR SEASON 16)

Apparently, FOX showed two new episodes of The Simpsons this past Sunday (I was driving back from NH, and I don't have TV in my car . . . yet). Did anyone see them? Reviews? Comments? Funny lines?

I don't understand FOX's scheduling. They preempt the show for a month to show some lousy "Billboard Music" show and "True Lies" for the 300th time, and suddenly they unload 4 eps in two weeks? I know that "Arrested Development" is on hiatus, and don't misconstrue this as a "complaint", but it's strange that they're bunching them up like this. Like I said, FOX has no idea what they're doing, they make money by sheer accident.

Oh, they're also showing a new one NEXT week. But it's actually TWO episodes, which they're calling "One Hour Season Finale!" Huh?

A Star is Torn (#GABF13 / SI-1613) (8 May 2005)
American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino guest voices as a contestant in Krusty's "Li'l Starmaker" competition, who loses out to Lisa thanks to Homer's Springfield-centric song for her, but when Lisa fires Homer after he turns into a stage dad, he decides to help another contestant win the final.

Thank God It's Doomsday (#GABF14 / SI-1614) (8 May 2005)
Homer thinks he has the Bible's Book of Revelation worked out, and in order to make sure he goes to Heaven, he starts warning people about when the world will end - and people start to listen after a celebrity-filled blimp accident matches Homer's prediction that "stars will fall from the sky".

New Episode(s):

Home Away From Homer (#GABF15 / SI-1615) (15 May 2005)
When Ned rents out a room to two college-aged women who end up running a softcore web cam from the Flanders house, Ned becomes the laughingstock of the town. Jason Bateman guest voices as himself.

The Father, The Son, And The Holy Guest (#GABF09 / SI-1609) (15 May 2005)
Bart, expelled from school, is sent to a parochial school where he befriends a hip priest named Father Sean (Liam Neeson).


Kris said...

I saw both of them this past week. The first one, the American Idol spoof, was funny, but nothing more than that. Getting back to Rob's comments about the electrotherapy and wondering how long it's going to last - the same thing happened with Homer puking in a bucket. It went on for 30 seconds too long. We got the joke, now stop before it becomes tired (which it did after about 5 seconds). They could have done more about parodying AI also - and they seem to be resting a lot of physical pain jokes - Krusty getting the Applause'O'Meter needle in the eye, battery acid on his hands, etc.
Homer's Rapture (I forget the real name) was ok, and more along the lines of a classic Simpsons - Homer jumping to some conclusion based on little knowledge (in this case a "fiction" movie and "The Rapture for Dummies"). I am not sure if I understood the gay receptionist in heaven though - is this the producers way of sticking it to the anti-gay crowd?
But hey, we are in Season 16 here - and I still do download these eps pretty religiously.
Haven't seen "Nanny 911" or the French equivalent yet (maybe they'll call it "Mayday Au Pair" here. They have 100s of pseudo-"reality" shows here. They have the Celebrity Farm, where they send 15 C- or D-level celebs to a fake farm and make them milk chickens. The other is Basic Training for the fat and uninteresting (or just plain stupid).
Oh right, and "Mother Swap" or something like that, where they take the most white trash of French rural paysannes and switch them with the most noble "Madame Marie-Heloise Genevieve de la Foret du Bois." Watch and see as the noble from Versailles tries to clean out the sheep pen!!! Hilarity ensues

Jeff K said...

Oh, and in case you are in another country (say, France, for instance) and need to find these episodes, and since and Mininova seem to have gone bye-bye, IsoHunt may fulfill your .tor needs . . .