Sunday, March 11, 2007


The bracketologizing is over and the bracketologists have been put back in storage, as the official 2007 NCAA brackets have been set (reminder: gambling on the tourney is illegal). As usual, I just have a few thoughts:

It's obvious that the selection committee is more interested in greasing the palms of the big conference schools than putting smaller George Mason types in the Big Dance. This year, only 6 bids went to "mid-majors", and this number has gone steadily down since peaking at 12 in 2002. This is a shame, but that's show biz.

The #1 seeds, Florida, NC, Kansas and Ohio State are all inherently beatable. In fact, the most of the #3 seeds scare me more (Pitt, Oregon, Texas A&M).

No one is saying it, but I feel that Villanova got JOBBED by being stuck in the unforgiving 8/9 game as the #9 seed against #8 Kenutcky (I think the Wildcats are going to win!). But then I see #1 Kansas in the next round, who always foul up my bracket every year making heroes out of schools like Bradley and Bucknell. So I get to test my "Kansas Kills Your Bracket" theory once again, this time with Nova in the catbird seat. Awesome.

Of course, it's nice that Nova got in at all, since only 6 made it from the Big East. Everyone is crying around here about Syracuse getting snubbed, but I don't think their resume is that good. They played 14 of their first 15 games at home (the other was in Buffalo vs. Canisius), their RPI was 50 (below Virginia Commonwealth and Holy Cross), and Boeheim is a whiny asshole. Let's face it: Nova, Cuse and WVU were all about the same, and Nova beat Texas. So there.

Marquette (23-9, 10-6) was ranked #18 in the country before this week (they lost to Pitt in the Big East tourney), with an RPI of 24 and a SOS of 17, with wins @ Duke, @ Pitt, Texas Tech, and 4 point loss to Wisconsin . . . and they only got an #8 seed. Meanwhile, I couldn't even find USC on the RPI list (54) and they somehow garnered a #5 seed. What a screw job.

Speaking of the PAC 10, they somehow got 6 teams in there and I haven't really seen any of them play, except a little of UCLA. #3 Washington State and #3 Oregon scare me because I don't know if they're really that good. But put Syracuse and West Virginia up against Stanford and USC, and I bet the Big East teams win those games 4 times out of 5 times.

For some reason the selection committee also loves the Big 10, who also got 6 teams. Come on. Purdue, Indiana and Illinois all stink, and Michigan State was 8-8 in the conference. Sure, any one of them can beat Niagara, but give me a break.

Teams that are overrated: Wisconsin (#2), Memphis (#2), Duke (#6).

Teams that could surprise: Tennessee (#5), Creighton (#10).

Teams that I have no idea about: UNLV (#7). They have an RPI of 10 and 25 wins, and I think one of them was at Hawaii. And Washington State, with an RPI of 26, is a #3 seed? Really?

Team that can't fucking lose enough for me: Georgetown. Stop it with these lesser John Thompsons and Patrick Ewingses, you can't fool me.

Team that I wished made the dance: Kansas State, led by Bob "Huggy Bear" Huggins. He was wearing a black and purple ensemble the other night that made him look not unlike a blackjack dealer, and I heard he was drunk during his ESPN interview after they got snubbed. I miss Huggy Bear.

Team that I'm glad missed the dance: UConn, who didn't even make the NIT. It was nice of them to give Central Connecticut their time in the spotlight.

Best team name: North Texas Mean Green.

College name that always makes me giggle: Oral Roberts.

Potentially enjoyable matchups: Virginia and Albany, I really hope the Great Danes can pull this one off; Butler vs. Old Dominion, (two mid-majors playing each other is idiotic); Southern Illinois Salukis vs. Holy Cross Crusaders, leading to a Nova/HC Sweet 16 matchup: it's what God would have wanted.

Another great thing about the tourney: now I don't have to watch ESPN at all. Go choke on a Dick, Vitale.

Anyway, I can't wait for the tourney to begin, even though I suck at the bracket pool (9 out of 11 in 2006, woo hoo!). NCAA First Round Friday, which I take off every year, is one of the best days of the year. I think it's even better than St. Patrick's Day.

EDIT: I just found out Villanova plays Kentucky @ 9:30 PM on Friday. Man, that's going to be a long day. Of course, Holy Cross plays @ 8:30 that same night, so I don't know if we'll even get to see both.

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