Friday, October 19, 2007


I thought I'd change it up a bit for the title. But, either way, it should come up in a search. Evidently, this is what a hollywood type does when he isn't 't busy handing out awards to other members. He googles himself. And if the search turns up words from those of us not in the self-adulation society, he corrects us. Something along the lines of he was for the 350 park rangers, before he was against them, or some shit like that. Funny thing that "was taken out of context" now means "said something stupid that I wish would just go away".

Quick note on Joe Torre - fuck off. 5 million dollars is insulting? YOU are insulting. You were a gigantic loser before you became the Yankees manager. Then for 5 years you filled out the lineup card and watched the largest payroll in baseball do what it should do, win. Did you hit a 3 run homer in game 4 against the Braves? Did you strikeout 15 Mariners in the LCS? Did you get a pinch hit single against the Mets in extra innings? You did none of these things. The only thing I can remember you directly affecting is the 2004 series against the Red Sox, in which you're feeble managerial skills were exposed, leading to the most embarrassing moment in the history of the organization, maybe all of sports. I'm not blaming you for the loss, and you get no credit for the wins. You are not the reason the NY Yankees won and you are not the reason they lost. You were along for the ride. And you got rich beyond belief for it. Now you want hard working people who make 50K a year to feel sorry for you because the Yankees didn't "respect" you and ONLY offered 5 million. Gee fucking whiz, how's a guy gonna live on that, when he's only made 19 million the last 3 years. Fuck you. Get lost. Maybe there is some baseball league in Hawaii that needs a manager who will pitch the arms off of good young men. We don't need you here. Go catch for the Mets or something. I hear they need a guy.

As Jeff said, the definitive directors cut of Blade Runner is a visual and sonic masterpiece, even if Ridley Scott gets it wrong by making Deckard a replicant. P K Dick wasn't trying to fool you, the point is, DNA does not make you human.

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Jeff K said...

It's funny, because as we already discovered, I'm actually on the other side of this argument.

The kneejerk reaction is to say "$5 million is a lot of money!" and it is to 97% of the population. But I don't care about the cash, it's meaningless. All Torre did was be successful every year in a very competitive league and he deserves a 30% pay cut? What kind of reward is that? So it was obvious that the Yankees already knew they didn't want him back, so why didn't they just fire him? Instead they sat around for days in meetings to decide what amount to offer him that was large enough to look impressive to the general public, yet a number they knew he'd turn down. All this did was make the Yankee management look idiotic. They assume that foolishly overspending is going to get them into the World Series every year, but in reality it doesn't work like that.

So go ahead and hate him because he had the financial pull to turn down the money, that's fine. But I'm glad he was able tell the Yanks to cram it, and go spend some time in Hawaii with his family. And good luck to the Yankee brass in finding another classy guy who can handle this team of egos and the New York media as well as Joe did.