Monday, October 29, 2007


Another week, another Flyer suspended for injuring an opponent with a hit to the head...

Here's the thing; I think that Jones really means that he didn't intend to injure Bergeron (unlike his shitty teammates who really were looking for blood). I believe him that he feels really bad and [for once] think that the league probably made the right decision regarding the 2-games that Jones gets.

But the fact that they insist on doing nothing to the Philadelphia Organ-EYE-zation is just fucking terrible. Even if Jones didn't intend to injure and wasn't looking for blood, this behavior is endemic of the Flyers and the league is going to have to do something - or it's only a matter of time before this becomes a war of attrition with Briere or Gagne or someone getting severely concussed as retribution for someone else.

I honestly think that the league's refusal to penalize the team speaks volumes about their true commitment to cleaning the league up and making it any better than a frozen-surface version of MLS.

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Jeff K said...

I was going to blog about this when I heard the ridiculously lenient sentence for yet another Flyer who can't seem to cleanly check an opponent. No, I don't agree that 2 games is enough in this case.

Of COURSE Jones is going to say, "I didn't mean to hurt him"--who in their right mind would admit intent to injure (especially after consulting their lawyer)? He clearly could have let up and just took a 5 minute boarding penalty, but he chose to drive his head into the boards with his stick instead.

Enough already! This is ridiculous and I think it's time that the Flyers management is severely punished.

And what is this MLS of which you speak?