Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Buffalo Sabres: New York State Champs 2007.

Take that Islander Fans...You couldn't even win the State Championship.

What's that you say? There are no "State Championships" in the National Hockey League. Well there should be, and we all know why there isn't: Because Bettman Sucks.


Jeff K said...

Isn't Buffalo in Canada?

So after the Sabres blew their only good chance to win the Cup in the past decade, they beat Suffern, Shenendehowa and Ithaca high school to win the States? That seems highly unnecessary, not to mention unfair.

I don't know about a "state" champion, but for the three NY Metro area teams there's something called the "HUMMER CHALLENGE". This would DEFINITELY make me want to attend a game . . . unless it has something to do with the SUV.

Kris said...

Hey...They also beat Clarkson and St. Lawrence! They didn't just pick on high-school teams.

Must get more info on the Hummer challenge. If it's not related to the GM product, it may be worth going to Newark for that.