Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I got these babies on sale for 4€50, which in USD is something like $50, but believe me, it's not too much here. I doubt I'll wear them much, but I have never LLOL for a pair of slippers before and every time I look at my feet that's what happens; I burst out laughing. And I have not even drank alcohol today.

And the best thing: Your feet go right into his mouth. Brilliant.

They're not bad for comfort either, although I could foresee overheating being an issue.

Anyway, I give this product and/or service the official Open Hockey Award for Excellence in the field of Marketed and/or Licensed Product and/or Service.

UPDATE (Jeff K): Nice! Just make sure you don't get arrested while wearing them, or you'll look like this guy:

Allentown man charged in two homicides [Morning Call]

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Kris said...

No no - Mine are much better then those silly lion heads.

I aim not to get arrested in any case, but hopefully I'll have shoes [and pants ("I seem to have misplaced my pants")] on if that happens.