Sunday, November 19, 2006


Well, that was fleeting. After being the darlings of college football for the past 8 days, the Silly Rutgers Scarlet KAH-NIGGITS got spanked by Cincinnati last night, ending their undefeated season and likely their BCS bowl hopes. But at least they've gained respect this season, which is saying a lot for RU football.

#1 OSU beat #2 Michigan 42-39 last night, which while an entertaining game was NOT a classic. ESPN would beg to differ, as they've already made it an Instant Classic (and like Instant Coffee, I'll skip it). But all told, the score is misleading as Ohio State was the much better team and were in control of this the whole way. Despite the turnovers, Michigan's defense was nonexistent. I hope they don't meet again in the BCS Bowl, because that would have made this game a mere exhibition. The scary thing about this: the Ohio State Lottery Pick 4 in the evening on Saturday: 4-2-3-9. Spooky.

What does "flea flicker" mean? Can anyone explain the origin of that term? It doesn't really make any sense. Also, has anyone explained the physics behind the "perfect" onside kick? You know, when the football, if kicked properly, bounces low the first two times, and then HIGH on the third bounce? There's GOT to be a good explanation for that.

AND NOW, #1 THREAT TO THE JETS TODAY . . . BEARS! They've been hyping this up around here, but I expect the Bears to win this easily. Hats off to the Amazing Mangini The Magnificent for a great job so far, as I expected them to be in the AFC East basement.

NFL UPSET SPECIAL: Cincinnati (+3.5) will beat New Orleans.