Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Montreal goaltender David Aebischer collides with teammate Mike Johnson as Ottawa's Patrick Eaves takes a tumble into the net. The Canadiens straightened out well enough to beat the Senators 4-2I don't have much to say today, I just wanted to post that humorous hockey picture. Before I die, I'm going to see a hockey game up in Montreal. Overall, I have a feeling it will be a different atmosphere than seeing a game in the swamps of Jersey. Of course, Canada is no longer a vacation bargain since the latest exchange rate is $1.00 USD = $1.13 CAN. Wow, that's craptacular. It used to be a 30% difference (some Maine retailers still insist on this) but now the loonies are catching up with us. Since 9/11, it seems like you can't find a cheap stripper anymore.

Is the NBA season over yet? I'm already sick of people talking about it. You can also get your Knicks ticket "mini-plans" and "micro-plans". I can't decide between the "nada-plan" or the "zilcho-plan".

According to Slate, Bono is a tax-dodging hypocrite. Of course, I think we all wish he would stop trying to get a Nobel Peace Prize and concentrate on writing NON-CRAPPY SONGS.

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