Wednesday, November 29, 2006


It's Cabot Harpoon IPA Beer Cheddar Cheese! What more do I have to say? Creamy, hoppy, tasty: it's BEER and CHEESE together at last! IT'S BEER CHEESE! Milk, cheese cultures, salt, beer, enzymes! What more could you possibly ask for? This is right up there with anything you could find in any cheese shop.

"I thought to myself, 'a little fermented curd will do the trick'. So I curtailed my Walpoling activites, sallied forth, and infiltrated your place of purveyance to negotiate the vending of some cheesy comestibles!"

"Let's keep it simple: how about Cheddar?"
"Well, I'm afraid we don't get much call for it around these parts, sir."
"Not much call--it's the single most popular cheese in the world!"

Monty Python's Flying Circus - Cheese Shop (transcript)

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