Thursday, November 2, 2006


» That crazy Russian is on a historic streak! Malkin has scored a goal in his first 6 games, a feat not done since 1917-18. This was also the NHL's first year, which makes the accomplishment even more impressive. (Think about it: if it was the NHL's first year, those guys could have been scoring goals in amateur hockey for decades before then, right?) Anyway, I think this kid is going to be pretty good.
» Okay, the Sabres are starting to scare me. They FINALLY lost in a shootout vs. Atlanta on Saturday night (take THAT, Kris "Biggest Sabres Fan In France" Salo!), ending our long national nightmare. Tonight they were down 4-1 visiting the Bruins at the TDBankNorth BookDepository. With under 9 minutes to go, it appeared they were about to lose for the first time in regulation . . . but not so fast! OF COURSE they reeled off 3 unexplained goals and won 5-4 in a shootout, as Maxim "Magazine For Men" Afinogennycream added two more goals to his ledger.
» I heard a local slack-jawed sports yokel refer to the Ducks as "undefeated" before the Rangers beat them in OT on Wednesday night. But they were 9-0-3 at the time, which includes 3 OT losses. So we can't say they're undefeated, but we can say "undefeated in regulation". Let's please try to get this straight.
» Finnish goalie Kari Lehtonen is making all the difference for the 1st place Atlanta Flames--uhm, Thrashers (8-3-3). Unfortunately, his name looks like "Let one in". Think of the puns!
» Local boy Jim Dowd, formerly a Brick (NJ) Dragon, is back with the Devils. You might remember (or not) that he scored the winning goal in Game 2 en route to a 1995 Stanley Cup Finals sweep of the Red Wings. That was 11 years ago??? Wow, I feel old.
» By the way, statements like "The Devils need to find more offense" make me laugh, because I read those stories 3 Cups ago. But it might be more true in the new NHL.
» If you happen to be shopping in the Hartford mall, say hi to Darius for me. Which reminds me, I need to see a Lowell Devils game before the season is over.
» Lastly, columnist Jim "Not The Bills QB" Kelley of Prime Time Sports said the new Sabres logo looks like Donald Trump's hair. Brilliant observation. Here's the side by side comparison:


That's awesome! If I had Photoshop, I'd stick that thing right on his skull.

Well, if you hate the Buffaslug, it could be worse. No, I'm serious. Check out these links for some truly bad logos:
WORST HOCKEY LOGOS OF ALL TIME. I remember seeing a shirt for the NJ Rock'n'Rollers. Ewww.
BUSH LEAGUE FACTOR has some hideous minor league hockey logos (what the hell is an ice bat?)

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