Tuesday, October 31, 2006


It's that magical day -- HALLOWE'EN! Actually, my favorite day is tomorrow when the stores sell discounted candy. Be sure to visit the Eye-Opener for some FRIGHTENINGLY BAD HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! Thanks especially to Retrocrush who showcased some of those old plastic mask/smock combo costumes that were prevalent back in the 70s. I forgot how monumentally bad some of those were. I think I had an Underdog costume back in 1974 and I'm shocked they didn't have it.

Lisa: I don't think the real Radioactive Man wears a plastic smock with a picture of himself on it.
Milhouse: He would on Halloween!

Some random thoughts:

* I completely avoided MNF on ESPN last night and I feel that I'm better for it. Instead of merely showing you a sporting event, they beat everything to death with a stupid stick, and it seems as if it's produced for an audience with an I.Q. of 75 that likes flashing lights and, apparently, heapin' helpings of Hank Williams Jr. It's unbearable. I'm convinced that ESPN hates sports fans.

But I have an idea that can save MNF. Recently they've been doing this ESPN Full Circle Jerk thing for college football, where all of the ESPN channels are devoted to different aspectse and angles of a single game. Why don't they do this for MNF? For those who don't care about all the ancillary Hollywood nonsense they've injected into the show, devote one channel (ESPN2) to JUST SHOWING THE GAME. No commentary, no special guests, no bullshit, just football. Plus, they'll get great ratings on BOTH channels. Think of how great that will be for the advertising dollars You can thank me later, ESPN.

* I tuned into the Flyers/Hawks game for a few minutes and saw a lot of people wearing orange afros in the crowd. I wasn't shocked, since it's the day before Halloween, and there's nothing else to do in Philly. But apparently, they unofficially set a Guinness world record by getting 9,315 fans to wear wigs during the game (beating the old record of 6,213 set at a Pistons game in 2004). First of all, why is there a record for that? Man, this country is doomed. And second, that's the highlight of the Flyers season.

* It may have been a fever dream, but last night I'm pretty sure I saw Steven Colbert join Barry Manilow to sing "I Write the Songs", which was hilarious. Right after that, I switched to David Letterman to see Borat, Tiki & Beck, which sounds like a name for one screwed-up law firm. Borat even joined Beck on stage for a minute during "Nausea". Very funny. Sasha Baron Cohen is a weird guy.

* Interesting article from Slate: PROOF THAT INTERNET PORN PREVENTS RAPE. Discuss amongst yourselves.

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