Thursday, October 19, 2006


I feel like an idiot saying this: I actually feel nauseous about Game 7 of the NLCS. I don't think Yankees fans ever feel this way before a must-win game, which they've been winning less and less of lately. They just walk around with this cool confidence, pretending it doesn't matter, expecting to win. When they don't win, they just brace themselves for the next-day's teasing, practice saying "Well, I never liked [INSERT ALL-STAR NAME HERE] anyway, he always chokes in a big spot." or the old stand-by: "Oh well, we have 26 championships."

Mets fans? We brace ourselves for the worst to happen: Oliver Perez sucks (he was dumped by the freaking PIRATES!), David Wright has shrunk just when we needed him, Wagner is a sissy-mary. And on the other side, there's the "gritty" and "tough" Eckstein, the "fat" and "ugly" Ronnie Belliard, the "poo" and "holes", and the 45th Molina in baseball who is the most amazing defensive catcher since the last Molina. Jeff Suppan is attempting to win his SECOND GAME 7 IN A ROW (last time was against Clemens vs. the Astros in 2004), and although that sounds absurd, I fully expect it to happen. Why is that?

I have to stop reading Deadspin, since they spin everything towards the Birds. Althought I appreciated this tête-à-tête between a Mets fan and a Birds fan, it doesn't take away the sick feeling I have right now. Maybe it was the Bud Light I found myself reluctantly drinking at Shea last night to take the edge off, an evil Anheuser Busch product JUST LIKE THE CARDINALS.

The last Game 7 I anguished over was when the Avalanche beat the Devils. (I hate Patrick Roy, and I always will.) But as a Mets fan, I haven't been here in a long time. And it's a feeling I don't want again for a long time.

(I had to use the "got [blank]?" line as the subject, because I hate the "got postseason?" shirts I've been seeing, with "WE DO!" on the back. Please, that old milk ad parody was played about 8 years ago.)

A Cards Fan and a Mets Fan Discuss Game 7 [Deadspin]

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