Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This just in: Evgeni Malkin is the real deal. Last night, he scored a goal against the Devils to make it 4-2, cutting through two defenders and backhanding it past Marty's glove side. That was the prettiest shot I've seen a Penguins player make since the 90s. If you have the means to find the highlight, I highly recommend it, it is so choice.

The shocking thing is that at 20 he's the oldest of the young skaters in Pittsburgh's EXPERIENCE THE EVOLUTION: Sidney Crosby is 19, and Jordan Staal is 18. If Fleury (only 21) emerges as a top goalie, Pittsburgh could be scary. Sure, they're shockingly in first in the Atlantic Division right now, but I give them a year or two before they're serious contenders. It's good to see a league where skill and youth can make a difference. And the city of Pittsburgh deserves this, it's been a while since they've had a winning team. Wait, no it hasn't.

Meanwhile, enjoy this Malkin goal from the 2005 World Championships:

Are you Malkin kidding me?

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