Monday, October 9, 2006


* Kris, The Biggest Sabres Fan In France (I assume, just like this guy is the biggest Blues fan in Sweden), is already trash talking with his team in first place in the Mostly Canadian division. Take it easy, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Besides, I don't see Toronto or Montreal threatening them, and Ottawa will end up with 98 points and a first round playoff exit.
* The Rangers won in an entertaining 13 round shootout on Saturday night. 13? Either these guys can't shoot, or these goalies are incredible. I think the first 8 Flyers skated in and shot right at his glove side. Interesting note: Lundqvist and Niitiimakiii last met in the Sweden/Finland gold medal game of the 2006 Olympics. More interesting note: it is impossible to spell Niittymaki correctly without looking it up.
* The Stars have given me another reason to hate them: the oft-concussed Eric Lindros, who scored the insurance goal late in a 3-1 win against the Devils. Blargh. (Perfect ad tie-in: "This insurance goal brought to you by Allstate." Don't laugh, someone should really use that one.)
* The Islanders are on the West Coast Road Trip To Nowhere. Come on inside!
* The Penguins were bought by a Canadian businessman, who allegedly wants to keep them in Western PA. No, really. I give them 2 years until they move to Hamilton or Moosejaw or somewhere.
* The over/under on Dominik Hasek's first injury: Thanksgiving, 2006. Kris and I are taking the under.
* I'm THIS CLOSE to buying an XBOX360/PS3 and NHL '07. It looks phenomenal. (Does Bob Dylan get residuals from the "How Does It Feel?" Tiger Woods '07 slogan?)

Players to watch:
* New Jersey Devils center #19 Travis "Pat" Zajak. Looks good, especially alongside the lovely Colin "Vanna" White.
* Capitals forward Alexander Semin, who scored not once, not twice, but thrice against the Carolina Nascars. Semin was all over the ice that night, it wasn't pretty. I hope my gushing praise of Semin isn't premature. (Sorry, that's the best I could come up with.)

Now some mini-blognostications for you . . .
Surprise teams who will make the playoffs: Minnesota, Boston, Atlanta.
Surprise teams missing the playoffs: Philadelphia, Colorado, Tampa Bay.

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