Sunday, October 29, 2006


I'm getting more and more cynical every day. Everything bugs me to some degree, whether it's commercials, politicians, or car salesmen. I'm trying to figure out what's causing it. Why is this? Have I changed my diet? Not really. Have I changed anything else in my life? Nope, been living/working at the same place for 5 years. The only thing I can trace it back to is this: I spend way too much time reading blogs.

Blogs are filled with negative energy, it's basically just a way for people to complain, bitch and moan about the world. That's fine, but it starts to affect you after a while. But as far as sports information goes, I only go to Sportsline when I want to get some stats, and rarely if ever visit ESPN, because I can't take their self-righteous self-importance. I read an inordinate amount of stuff from blogs and Deadspin approved sites because I much prefer sites that ridicule athletes than those who take them so seriously. For instance, I would rather read ExBurgher's hilarious Tecmo NFL previews than put up with the pompous Peter King's picks.

Okay, I really came on here to blab about football (I loved seeing the Trojans lose to the Beavers yesterday as well), so let's go.


BARBER BOWL! Yes, Tiki and Ronde will be on opposite sides of the ball in the Bucs @ Giants game today FOR POSSIBLY THE LAST TIME EVER, in case you haven't heard. Crazy stat: Ronde has 2 TDs on defense, while Tiki has 0. That's absurd. Tiki will finally get in the end zone at a blustery Giants Stadium today.
MONDAY NIGHT FUCKTARDS. Paris Hilton is going to be on this week. Fuck ESPN.
WHO THE HELL DAT? Here are some of the starting QBs today: Damon Huard (or rookie Brodie Croyle, if he can't go), Charlie Frye, David Gerrard, Brad Gradkowski, and Seneca Wallace. Who the hell are these guys? Is this the NFL or the World League?
NEW VIEW. Black Bear in White Plains, which I am going to visit right now. Apparently, they have all HD screens, unlike most bars in the area. I'll give my review later.
MY UPSET PICK: I was going to say Cleveland over the Jets, but the Browns are favored at home by 2. So it's Seattle (+4) over KC.

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Jeff K said...

Good news about the Black Bear Saloon in Nyack (a division of Post Road Entertainment, and have locations in South Norwalk and Stamford, CT, and White Plains): they have 25 plasma screens. The bad news: NONE OF THEM ARE IN HD. An employee said they were getting "a new dish" and that would fix the problem. Fantastic. WHY CAN'T ANY OF THESE PLACES GET IT RIGHT???

At least the Giants won.