Monday, December 4, 2006


It was a crazy week in college football that saw USC lose to unranked UCLA, Florida managing to outscore Arkansas, Michigan dropping a spot in the rankings even though they didn't play, and Rutgers losing to WVU in triple OT. But the insanity has only begun since last night they announced the BCS bowl game matchups (why they need a half hour show to do this is beyond me).

As great and as enjoyable as the NCAA college basketball tournament is every year, that's how screwed up this NCAA BCS college football bowl nonsense is. Seriously, there isn't one matchup in the BCS bowl games that's exciting, and none of them will truly determine a true "champion" that everyone will agree on. Why can't they fix this once and for all? It's maddening.

This whole process is so screwed up that a former coach named Jim Walden has been the target of ridicule because he gave Florida a #1 vote in the Harris Poll (the only voter to do so, everyone else chose the only undefeated team, Ohio State), contributing to Michigan being shut out of the championship game. (Meh, they had their chance, and already lost to Ohio State, so I have no problem with them giving Florida a shot.) No, it's not solely his fauly; the NCAA deserves it for having this as part of their championship selection system.

But pissed college football fans sure are taking it out on him in an unusual way: check out Walden's Wikipedia entry. Today it's been in a constant state of flux, as it's being constantly "vandalized" to the point where it changes seemly every time you refresh the screen. For example, around noon today someone put a fake quote from the New York Times where he's reported saying, "Florida truly is the #1 team in the country . . . ha ha . . . I thought I could say that without laughing. Guess I couldn't."

Here are some of the other fun "revisions":

(1:00 PM): "Mr. Walden was a Harris Poll monkey rhino for the 2006 NCAA Division I-A football season."

(I don't even know what a "monkey rhino" is, but that's funny.)

(3:10 PM) "Apologist Florida fans, however, argued that the controversy is somewhat unwarranted, as four other voters placed Michigan in a place other than 2nd or 3rd, and two other voters placed Florida in 5th. As such, the difference between controversial votes is only one point in favor of Florida, a negligible difference when the overall vote was separated by 38 points. But again, Mr. Walden's unexpected voting behavior did suggest a biased and maniac personality that is grossly unsuitable for any position that requires either impartial judgment or above-average intelligence."

That didn't even last 10 minutes. It's been replaced with the simple phrase: "What an idiot".

Further evidence that the BCS is a steaming pile of monkey rhino shit.

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