Thursday, December 7, 2006


In case you haven't visited this truly amazing/scary site yet, it's the Barbaro Message Board. Never mind the inherent absurdity of the concept, it will make your head hurt. Here it is, straight from the horse's mouth--uhm, message board:

Hey Barbaro, how are you doing today? WE continue to pray for you and I have your X-ray as my background on my computer. Amazing what you're recovering from.
karl, 36; green pond, NJ, USA
posted on 2006-12-06 14:10:24


Because of all the fantabulous holiday excitement around here, I totally forgot that the Marlins' Dontrelle Willis is getting married this weekend! There are still some things left on his Crate & Barrel wedding registry. I was going to get him the Rattan Tapered Bread Basket but someone already beat me to it. Dammit! By the way, you do NOT want to get hit with a Dontrelle fastball right in the Rattan Tapered Bread Basket. Not fun.

Next year, I need to create an Advent calendar for CAPITALONE® BOWL WEEK, where behind every door is another fabulous bowl game and a gift! For instance on day one, behind the first door is "San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia San Diego, CA on Dec. 19, 8 p.m., featuring the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University versus the Huskies of Northern Illinois"--and you actually get a poinsettia plant as a gift! A week later you reveal, "The Emerald Nut Bowl in San Francisco, CA on Dec. 27 at 8 p.m., which pits the Florida State Seminoles versus the UCLA Bruins", and naturally, you get a free bowl of nuts! How great would that be? And the gifts keep on coming: the Alamo Bowl gets you a free class upgrade on any weekend rental! The AT&T Cotton Bowl gets you a 100% cotton AT&T T-shirt! For the Insight Bowl you get a, uhm, what the hell is Insight again? Joy to the world, for CAPITALONE® BOWL WEEK is coming!

Wish me luck on my first long trip in the new Toyota RAVenous4 2007 Edition, as I will be away for a 3 day tour of coastal New England (which of course rules out Vermont). Oh, and screw Rhode Island, The "Whoops I'm Lost, Which Way To Cape Cod" State. They're not even officially a "state", they're more like a island nation/colony whose economy thrives on insanely overpriced speeding tickets. That's right, they frown upon tourists, especially those who drive. Stay tuned for my amazing review of XM satellite radio!

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