Thursday, May 10, 2007


Great article from John Feinstein of the Washington Post:

For the Month of May, Nothing Can Match Hockey Playoffs

He hits the nail on the head. This guy gets it.

The rumor is that Cablevision is adding Versus/Golf Channel HD next week, so it could be an even better May than previously thought.

Oh, and fuck Roger Clemens. The Yankee dynasty is officially over.

(Despite what the Biggest Sabres Fan In France would have you believe, it appears that Chris Neil is still alive, after Ottawa's 5-2 spanking of the Sabres in Game 1.)

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Kris said...

It's a long series...Chris Neil still has time to get himself hurt or whatever.

Hopefully the Sabres can "play to their potential" now that they realized that this isn't the Islanders that they're facing.