Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Even though no one reads this but me, I feel obligated to at least say something. It was a horrible weekend for the NYC area hockey teams, but since I couldn't actually see one second of the 3 games at my sister's house I don't have much to report--thanks again NHL, for signing with Versus! From what I heard, (on XM driving home from NH), the Sabres didn't really play like the Sabres until Sunday's Game 6, got a lucky goal with 7.7 seconds left in Game 5 to swing the series in their favor, and overall did the minimum needed to advance (note: this will not work against OTT, who are better than I thought). Meanwhile, the Rangers fought to the bitter end. As for the Devils, despite Scott Gomez they barely showed up for their elimination game on Saturday; Elias had 10 shots on goal in the game, but came up empty. Meh, have fun in Newark, boys. So congrats to whomever is happy with the results.

Oh, I also picked San Jose to win it all, and they just got beat by Detroit last night. So we've got Sabes vs. Sens, and Ducks vs. Red Wings. Could we see a Hasek vs. Sabres final? It's entirely possible, but I'd have a hard time caring. I also know that I'm done blogging the Stanley Cup playoffs, save for the "Congratulations Buffalo!" or "You suck, Buffalo!" post after it's over. (Hey, they already have the President's Trophy and the #1 Merchandise Buying Fans, what more do they want?)

It's funny how my interest all but shuts off when the Devils are eliminated. And I don't even know if any of the final games will be in HD, so that also sucks.

Well, now that the playoffs are over, it's finally time for some golf!

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