Tuesday, May 22, 2007


* I've never seen a team dominate a game as much as Detroit did in Game 5 against the Ducks AND STILL LOSE. It seemed like they were on the PP for the entire 2nd period, but when the Ducks weathered the storm and made it deep into the 3rd period only down 1-0 it was anyone's game. Sure enough, they scored with 37 seconds left when Scott "Ol' Greybeard" Niedermeyer's shot deflected off a defenseman's stick and over Hasek for the tying goal; they sealed the win in OT on a giveaway right in front of the net that Selanne intercepted and flipped into the top of the net. It could be all over for the Red Wings tonight in the Honda Pond.

Fun fact: Duck netminder Jean-Sebastien Giguere is now 12-1 in OT in the playoffs. Yikes!

* What else can be said about the Buffalo Sabres? They were invincible in the regular season, and invisible in the playoffs--a monumental disappointment. While the offense was listless and shut down by Ottawa's solid D, Ryan Miller seemed like the only player to ratchet up his game for the postseason (that stick save in OT is as good as any you'll ever see). Chris Drury was also outstanding, taking a puck to the mouth and 11 stitches and still coming back to play. If they lose him or Briere to free agency in the offseason, it should be interesting to see if this team can still be as formidable next year. I like their chances.

*Finally, a huge FUCK YOU to NBC Sports for NOT SHOWING THE OVERTIME of the OTT/BUF game, instead deciding to show a pointless hour and a half of pre-race horse nonsense as Versus showed the remainder of the game. It was a minor annoyance for me (flipping from an HD to an SD channel), but what about hockey fans that don't have Versus at all? It's no wonder every major sport (NBA, MLB, NFL, arena football) has dumped them over the years, because they just don't get it. Yes, you've made it perfectly clear that it's all about ratings and not about sports, but this is completely unacceptable. Just stick to your insufferable Olympics telecasts.

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