Tuesday, July 25, 2006


With surgical focus and precision, Tiger Woods tore apart the Royal Uglycourse at Hoylake on Sunday, successfully defending his Open title and winning his 11th major tourney. Everyone's already said what there is to say about it pretty much, but allow me to add a couple of things. For everyone who claims to like FIGJAM Mickelson because "he's a regular guy" and who is "more human", well you can't get any more human than the flood of emotion that Tiger displayed after this win. Yes, he's all business during 72 holes, but he's a likable guy and phenominal player that hits some truly astonishing shots. If you want a guy who smiles like a goon at everyone during a tournament and calls himself "an idiot", you can have Phil. As for me, given the choice between the two, I'll take Tiger. And his wife isn't bad either. (Rob made a great joke when I sent him a particularly goofy picture of Phil: "He looks like that guy at a party who won't stop talking about his coin collection." Exactly.)

Overall, it was a fantastic leaderboard coming into Sunday which, much to the dismay of all Europeans, ended with a lot of Americans at the top (3 of the top 4). Furyk was once again impressive, but I was really happy to see DiMarco's resurgence. After just losing his mother, he was simply awesome this weekend and was the only one close to challenging Tiger, a credit to his mental makeup and his motivation. He actually gets pumped while trying to chance Tiggs, unlike the rest of the field, it seems. Los Pantalones Feos once again wilted in the final round, shooting a 39 on the front (in stark contrast to his 29 on Saturday), and his hideous fucking outfits didn't help. (Seriously, someone step in and dress this kid. I know Adidas makes nice golf MEN'S clothes, I've seen them.) As for the rest, Els faded down the stretch, Goose was nowhere to be found, and first round leader McDowell shot a 79. Yikes. Along with Floyd Landis winning the Tour de France, it was great seeing Americans dominating over there, and I'm definitely looking forward to the Ryder Cup.

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