Monday, July 31, 2006


This Hefe weisen was served in a 500 mL brown bottle accompanied with a nifty Schneider Weiss glass, with a slice of lemon on the rim. Pouring from the bottle was tricky, since it was heavily carbonated and produced a huge white head, so the slower the pour the better. Once it settled, it left very little head but produced a hazy, dark amber color, much darker than I anticipated. It had a nice wheaty, lightly spicy nose. My first sip revealed a well-balanced wheat beer with a pleasing light fruity flavor, and a not-too-overwhelming clove taste. Smooth and easy to drink, and I would have had several of these if the bar (Stuff Yer Face in New Brunswick, NJ) didn't have such a fantastic selection of bottled beer. The Germans sure do know their Weisse, and this is a fantastically drinkable summer beer. In fact, if you're in southern Florida, I'd choose this as your Miami Weisse. (Get it?)

Excellent beer (made even more so since I had just played golf in brutal 90°+ weather). Highly recommended.

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