Sunday, July 30, 2006

Déterminations Securité

Canada's quarterly report on Section 58 (of some customs law, surely) has been published by our friends at Le Smoking Arme.

"Banned in Canada 2" is: get this...admissible...I wonder if the publishers are legally obligated to change the title to "Admissible in Canada 2," if they are looking for a new name, I suggest "Banned in Iran 2" (patent pending, patent pending).

Luckily for the Canadians (or at least those without a beastiality slant), "A horse cum taste" is banned.
But, "Hogtied, Tracey Hilton (horse)" is admissible.

British Steel and a Bed of Nettles: Banned
Desparate Carnal Housewives 1&2: Banned
Adventures in Facesitting: Admissible
Footslave Phophecies 1: Banned
Footslave Phophecies 2: Admissible
How are those poor Canuks going to be able to follow the sequel if they can't watch Vol. 1, I'm sure there are plot turns in V. 1 that need to be explained before your average Canadian citizen will be able to fully understand? What are these customs agents thinking?

I think this has come up before on Open Hockey, but I'll be damned if I'm going to check 2 years of archives to try to find the previous post. Ok, it was last year, and you can find the original post here.

A business opportunity for an American looking to get out of the lab. Set up a porn shop on the US side of Niagra Falls and start selling the likes of "Jackhammered, produced by Dick Wadd."

For Americans, Montreal is like the holy grail for strippers. Why are the Canuks so laissez faire for stripping, but they ban hard-core porn with such vigor?

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