Wednesday, July 12, 2006


It's a thankfully quiet, baseball and soccer free Wednesday, so I thought I'd point out a disturbing trend: the resurrection of 80s bands! Let's take a look at who has decided to cash in on nostalgia this year!

$ The Psychedelic Furs are at it again, and are culminating their tour with a show at the Hollywood Bowl with ABC and the Human League. Let the hair spray fly!

$ The Go-Go's have also apparently run out of money and, recalling that they once had the beat, will be rocking a soccermom-packed venue near you.

$ Bauhaus seems to enjoy getting paychecks as well, and is opening for Nine Inch Nails (which is funny, as Trent's band opened for Peter Murphy's solo tour back in 1991).

$ He's really calling his shows "An Evening With Billy Idol"? Who does he think he is, Tony Bennett?

$ Gary Numan, whose only US hit was 1979's "Cars", is riding the success of the Pixar movie "Cars" (probably not, but it sounds good) and touring in support of a new album. Funniest statement about him: "Gary Numan is a patron of the Caring for Cats charity". That's slightly funnier than learning he married a member of his fan club. So without music, he'd be just another creepy loner.

$ Scritti Politti and The Alarm each have a new albums out, although I have no idea why. They must have basement studios or something.

$ From the 70s file: Chicago, Aerosmith and Motley Crue steadfastly refuse to go away, and Journey is currently touring with their THIRD singer. THIRD!!!

$ In closing, I'll simply say: Huey Lewis & the News are touring. I just got douche chills.


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