Tuesday, August 1, 2006


Following JK's review of a German Weisse, I finally got around to opening mine up for a taste.

Thurn und Taxis (it looks like an "R" on the bottle, but apparently it's an "X"), is a Weissbier that is from the city (as far as I can tell from the bottle) of Regensburg, which is somewhere in the independent country of Germany.

It is a "Hefenweizen," which is a type of wheat beer. It's much darker than other wheats that I have had the opportunity to taste (basically limited to Hoegaarden and Bruges). 5.3% alcohol by volume, 50 cl bottle, and of course it conforms to the 1516 Bavarian purity law.

As you can see from the picture, the head is nicely formed of a light white-to-off white color. The head is surprisingly resistant...It's been about 20 minutes since I poured this into the glass and I still have a 1/2 inch head or so. God bless those Germans.

It's quite good (although I've always like wheats in small quantities - too much (even 3 or 4 pints) makes me feel quite sick). Julie seconds this opinion. She picked up the glass with some hesitation, but was surprised to like it.

I caught a tiny hint of bubblegum somewhere around my 5th sip, but since its been elusive. Very yeasty in the beginning, but I guess once you get used to it, the yeast becomes less of an issue. I'm not good at describing taste, but I can tell you what I like and not - this I do like. The aftertaste has just the smallest bitterness to it.

Overall a decent Weisse. 8 thumbs for the Germans.

Here's the ratebeer.com review.

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