Friday, August 18, 2006


Note to TNT: from your voluminous advertisements during the 88th PGA Championship, I understand there are Law & Order shows that I apparently CAN NOT MISS. And since I haven't watched one episode of Without a Trace, I therefore DON'T KNOW JACK. Yes, your world premiere of some Affleck movie might make you think that YOU KNOW DRAMA. But holy crap, just show the freaking GOLF already! It seemed that every shot was on tape delay because of the incessant commercials. If you truly KNOW DRAMA, you'd know that there can be plenty of it during a LIVE SPORTING EVENT.

In between the ads, we saw Tiger make his move at Medinah in the dank, rainy weather, creeping up to finish just 1 behind second round leaders Henrik "Not Lundqvist" Stenson, Billy "Paranoid" Andrade, Luke "Skywalker" Donald, and Tim "Lumpy" Herron, all at -8. Oggs played well with Tiggs and Figgs (yeah, I'm not sure what I'm saying either), finishing one back. Billy Mayfair is just two back after recently recuperating from surgery for testicular cancer (yipes!).

Notables not making the cut: Veeger, Freddie, Monty, Padraig.

It should be an interesting moving day tomorrow.

Note: AOL is streaming the Par 3s, which was quite enjoyable last year.

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Jeff K said...

I meant to mention: the L&O commercial where the guy confesses "I killed Justin Leonard" is priceless. Is that why Leonard didn't make the cut?