Monday, August 14, 2006


Tiger & Phil - Matthew Stockman / Getty ImagesTIGGS, FIGGS and Geoff Ogilvy (not yet at "one name" status), who have each won each of the three majors this year, will be teeing off together at the PGA on Thursday (8:30 AM CDT) and Friday (1:35 PM CDT). It should be funny, though it doesn't mean much unless it's the final pairing. I bet no one says a word to each other, although I would love to see a fight. Imagine how crazy the gallery is going to be on those two days? I don't even want to know. Combine the Tiger Wave and the Phil Love Fest, it will be like a tsunami.

Here are the Complete PGA Championship pairings (.pdf). More on this coming up in the 2006 PGA TOURNAMENT PREVIEW EXTRAVAGANZA.

Kimberly Kim is youngest U.S. Women's Amateur winner, at age 14. I don't have any comments, I just wanted to say KIM KIM. Ha ha!!!

I agree (in part) with this article: let's leave Michelle Wie alone. After firing her caddy for playing shitty at the Women's British Open (yeah, it was obviously his fault), and "withdrawing due to heat exhaustion" at the John Deere (she probably tanked it because she didn't want to be embarrassed by missing the cut), it's clear that she's wilting under the pressure that's been put on her. I think her parents and/or her agent should be fired, or at least they should stop forcing her to play against the men. You've made your point, now Wie's THIS CLOSE from going Capriati on you. Yes, she's very talented, but she's only a 16 year old KID. Let her relax and she's sure to win a few LPGA tournaments; don't turn her into just another Nike-sponsored marketing gimmick.

In a sobering note, Darren Clarke's wife, Heather, has died of cancer at the age of 39. Best wishes to him and his family. I've always liked Clarkie, he seems like a great guy. He and his good friend Paul McGinley have both withdrawn from the PGA, which could have Ryder Cup implications for the latter. But hey, this is something that's certainly more important than any sport.

(Tiger & Phil photo courtesy of Matthew Stockman / Getty Images)

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