Sunday, August 20, 2006


There are several captions you could come up with for this photo from the second round, but here's mine:

Phil Geoff Tiger 081806 courtesy AFP/File/Timothy Clary
courtesy AFP/File/Timothy Clary

Geoff: "Ugh, this is so awkward, no one's talking to me or making eye contact. Let's just get this overwith so I can put another shrimp on the barbie."
Tiger: "Must destroy all opponents . . . must destroy all opponents . . . "
Phil: "Gosh, I sure do like pancakes!"

Seriously, two of those three guys are wearing their gamefaces, looking locked in and focused . . . while FIGJAM has that goofy grin. Go ahead and root for him if you want, he's all yours.

As for the final round of the PGA, Rob put it best when he said "Luke will melt on Sunday". There's no doubt about that. In fact, having attended Northwestern and being familiar with the Chicago area is only going to HURT him: he knows where the best pubs are, and probably visited one with his brother/caddy last night. Personally, I'm more scared of a quiet, solid Canuck player like Mike "Li'l Lefty" Weir than any flashy-pantsed European. I think it's nice of us just to let the Europeans play AT ALL.

In closing, I just saw Tiger arrive at the course, and he's not wearing oxblood, salmon, or maroon today. He's wearing red, and he looks pissed. Good luck, everyone else!

UPDATE (8:16 PM): Well, that's it, Tiger won it. Shocking, shocking news. No one else had a chance. I would rather be locked in a cage with an actual tiger than have to face this guy in competition. I can't wait to find out who won his Buick.

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