Sunday, March 9, 2008


Courtesy HBO"The Wire" series finale is about to air on HBO tonight, and I'm really going to miss this show. After seeing a few episodes here and there over the years, I finally decided to catch up with it on DVD this winter before the start of the 5th and final season, and I'm glad I did. This is one of the best dramas I've ever seen on TV, period.

A realistic look at the interconnected worlds of Baltimore police, drug dealers, politics, school system and media, it blurs the line between good and bad. The best thing about this show is that while everyone might have good intentions on the surface, deep down the institutions it analyzes are deeply flawed, and a seemingly minor discretion can have a major impact. When a character declares it's "a good day for the good guys", you know it's going to all come crashing down in the end, as the writers never allow anyone to wallow in self-satisfaction for too long. Most of all, the way characters and story lines are intermingled on this show exhibits an unprecedented level of scope and depth; it rewards the viewer that pays attention.

I could probably go on forever about how great this show is but I won't. All I can say is that when you break it down, show by show, it ended up whacking "The Sopranos". While that show limped to a pathetic, inconsequential end like Omar, this one has ended just as strong as it started. (Of course, the same can't be said for the ratings, but that's that's just a product of the dumbification of this country.)

I just can't believe this show is ending. It's a damn shame. As Senator Clay Davis would say: "Sheeeeeeiiiiiiiiit."

Here's a bonus MP3 from the show that you can listen to while toasting the show's demise with a shot of Jameson: The Pogues "Body of an American"

Photo courtesy of HBO.

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