Thursday, March 13, 2008


New York Governor Eliot Spitzer addresses the media with his wife Silda Wall Spitzer at his office in New York, March 10, 2008 - photo by Shannon Stapleton/REUTERSNo, I'm not talking about getting something special for my $600 tax rebate. I am of course talking about the dishonorable jackass himself, Eliot "Client 9" Spitzer, who was just caught as part of a online prostitution sting and forced to resign. Just the other day, Rob and I were talking about the horrible politicians we have "representing" us in the sorry state of New York (Spitzer, Schumer, Clinton) and wondering why we even live in this state. Well, despite our low expectations, ol' Spitzy managed to slither underneath them somehow. The most shocking thing is not that he got some 20 year old strange behind his 50 year old wife's back, it's that no one seems the least bit surprised by all of it. I guess the recent local scandals involving former NJ governor McGreevey, former Connecticut governor Rowland, and oh yeah, Hillary Clinton's husband, will numb anyone.

Storming into the Governor's mansion in early 2006, Spitzer vowed to wake up the state legislature, make people responsible for their actions, pompously declaring himself a "fucking steamroller" in his first month in office. All of this bloviating and overcompensation should have been warning that he was probably hiding something. Well, just 14 months later he's now been steamrolled out of office, for the aforementioned illegal activities uncovered by a federal wiretap (featured on the next episode of "The Wire"?). Guys like this, hypocritical politicians blinded by ambition and power (family be damned!), are the most loathesome individuals I can think of. (Followed closely by the wives who "stand by them" in order to salvage their own careers.)

His slogan last year was "Bring Some Passion Back To Albany", and now that's he's been caught paying for sex, how ironic does that statement sound now? He's reportedly spent $15,000 during a half-dozen trysts over the past 6 months, and up to $80,000 on prostitutes over the past 10 years, numbers which are speculative at best but could realistically be higher than that. We should be able to sue this guy for using our tax money (his salary) to fund some of this debauchery. It's only fair. At the very least, I want the $306 I just paid to the New York state tax department so I can spend an enjoyable night at the local "gentleman's club" this weekend.


The local papers didn't let me down. The New York Post headline read "HO NO!" while the Daily News went for the tasteful "PAY FOR LUV GOV". Well done, idiots!


Bonus topical MP3: James Taylor "Steamroller Blues (Live)"

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