Wednesday, March 5, 2008


According to the latest OH BLOG poll results, our readers love the broads (1st place with 30%) but could use some more hate (2nd place with 23%). What better person to deliver it than the late, great Bill Hicks. I'd like to think that he embodies everything that we believe here at Open Hockey (from the Eye-Opener Family of Hate Blogs): we hate because we care. (Or something like that.) Even though he died in 1994, the social and political targets he attacks with his intense, vitriolic comedy style are just as applicable today.

Obviously, these clips are NSFFW (Not Safe For Fucking Work).

Here's a clip of him talking about how he wants his rock stars dead instead of clean cut and mediocre.

Bill Hicks "Play From Your Fucking Heart" [YouTube]

This is his classic rant about marketing. "I know what all the marketing people are saying: 'He's going for that anti-marketing dollar, that's a good market.'"

Bill Hicks "Advertising & Marketing "[YouTube]

In one of his last interviews (late 1993), he talks about being cut from "Late Show with David Letterman". "[My 'pro-life' material was considered] not suitable for the David Letterman audience. But when I'm not ON the show, I'm a member of the Letterman audience. So therefore, my material is not suitable FOR ME. What a predicament."

Bill Hicks interview from 1993 [YouTube]

I could have put 100 clips up here, because in my opinion you can never have enough Bill Hicks.

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